Hi, my name is Caitlin Jaene. I am a chanteuse style singer and a classically trained bassist. People often say I sound like k.d. Lang or Karen Carpenter. I like to play original songs, jazz standards and covers with just my upright bass and you can also find me fronting my alt rock band, Blue Hippopotamus.

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My dad used to make backing tracks for me and my mom made great 80s costumes so I could pretend to be Madonna. My first paying gig was at a sleepover camp at the age of 6 when the other kids gave me their Lucky Charms marshmallows to sing for them (now I would prefer vegan Dandies). I have always loved singing for people.

At 12 yrs old I started playing the upright bass and in high school I got to play at Carnegie Hall with the National Youth Orchestra! I went to college at Mount Holyoke where I was a band geek and an a cappella nerd. I was a founding member of MHC's first Jazz Ensemble and I also sang a cappella with the V8's. I started to write and record my own songs, playing piano for accompaniment but I never thought to play upright bass and sing at the same time.

Everything changed for me when I saw Melissa Ferrick perform at the Women In Music Festival on campus at Mount Holyoke College. Just wow. Watching Melissa Ferrick play "Drive" with only vocals and bass was mesmerizing and incredibly sexy. I think she got hit with underwear and a bra during that song. There was no turning back for me, bass and vocals all the way. 

I currently live near Philadelphia and mostly play locally but I have also played in cities including LA, NYC, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Buffalo and North Carolina. I have been playing in clubs since 2002. I have had a blast performing as an opener at large venues that were packed and I have equally enjoyed playing small rooms in dirty little NYC clubs back when I lived in Hoboken. These days I most enjoy playing intimate settings where I can set the mood of the room. I sing out of gratitude that I have a voice and I hope to be of service to anyone listening by sharing the gift of music.

If you would like to hear me sing you can find me online on my Instagram and YouTube (@CaitlinJaene) or live in clubs and I often play fundraisers, non-profit animal rescue and vegan events. I hope to sing for you soon!


Caitlin Jaene Mercer