In Loving Memory of

Bill "the cat guy" Sharon 

1945 - 2018

This page has information about Bill's Cats and also about Bill's Memorial Garden. 


If you would like to honor Bill's memory by adopting one or more of his beloved house cats, please contact me at

5 members of his "feline family" are still in need of a loving home. Their pictures are below...

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Hi, my name is Caitlin and I had the honor of being friends with Bill thru cat rescue work with Cat NAPS of Pottstown, playing music for his annual Pottstown Pet Fair and most recently working on Pottstown EcoFest together. Bill had a huge heart and was a great friend to the animals of Pottstown. He was always a smiling face to run into in town and it seemed he could help with everything and knew everyone. It is a shock and a huge loss to not have him physically with us anymore. I find it comforting to picture him surrounded by all his animal friends on the other side of the rainbow bridge he always spoke of. I wish peace and love to his family and all of his friends.

When Bill passed away, he left behind his current "feline family" in his house. They are all recovering from the stress of losing their dad and this has been very difficult for them. If you knew Bill, you know these cats meant the world to him. Bill's family has been working with Cat NAPS, myself and my mom, Cat Harrold, to get all of his kitties checked at the vet and up-dated on anything they need so that they are ready for new loving homes. 


Here are their names and pictures. A few of the pictures are old images taken by Bill. 


Big Guy - Adopted by friends of Bill! 

Here is a photo of him in his new home!


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Rita - needs a loving home

5yr old female calico


She is very affectionate. She is shy at first and might hide but she comes out when you call for her and loves to circle and rub up against your legs. She would probably do best in a quiet home. She is good with other cats. Bill did not have a dog so we do not know if she likes them or not. 

Bill wrote this about her:

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Rosie - Adopted!

Here is a photo of her in her new home!



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 Spirit - needs a loving home

8yr old male long haired grey



Spirit is a large gorgeous cat. He is very gentle and sweet but also very shy. He enjoys being picked up and will do happy paws when you rub him but when he first goes to a new home he might hide. As you can see in Bill's pictures he was out and about in the house so with some love and patience he can become a more relaxed house cat again over time.

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BondJamesBond 007 - needs a loving home

7yr old male tuxedo

"Double-O Seven" is a total lap-cat. He needs someone to watch tv with and a bed to share. He is used to being around other cats but we do not know if he likes dogs.

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Noel -  needs a loving home

7yr old female dilute calico


Noel has been very stressed after Bill passed away. She wants to hide but she is comfortable being picked up and loves being rubbed. She will need a patient home to help her get back to being the kitty on the radiator as seen in Bill's picture of her. She is good with other cats, we do not know how she feels about dogs.

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Magic - needs a loving home

11yr old female black



Magic has big beautiful eyes and a soft black coat. She is another shy sweetheart who likes being rubbed but she is also very stressed right now and wants to hide. She will need a lot of love and some time to get back to the cat you can see in Bill's pictures above. She is good with cats and we do not know if she is ok with dogs.


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Bill's Memorial Garden

This fall Cat NAPS of Pottstown, PDIDA, Pottstown EcoFest, and Pottstown Pet Fair are all donating to dedicate a tree, bench, plaque and garden in Bill's honor in Pottstown Memorial Park. 

If you would like to donate to the memorial garden you may do so thru Cat NAPS of Pottstown.

Please note on your check or online donation "Bill's Memorial Garden".

Here is a link to donate online:

For donations by check, please make checks payable to:
Cat NAPS of Pottstown, Inc. 

and mail to:
PO Box 453  
Gilbertsville, PA 19525


Here is the location of the garden in Pottstown Memorial Park overlooking the Pottstown Pet Fair grounds:


Pottstown EcoFest plans to donate a Sweetbay Magnolia Tree to be planted in October.

An idea for the bench design:

And Bill's Priest, Father John Edward, will bless the garden for us. I know that would mean a lot to Bill.

Thank you to everyone who is making this possible. If you would like to volunteer to help with planting in the garden or any other part, please contact me at

Here is the beautiful design displayed at the Pet Fair:


This poster will be available for $4 at the 2018 Pet Fair and also thru Cat NAPS afterward to support making the memorial garden.


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